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Who We Are

Welcome to the web home of Kennesaw Family Life Church

We are a Spirit-filled group of Jesus followers who have a passion to walk with Jesus and to follow his commands.  In Matthew 22 Jesus told us first to love God with all that is in us and second to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Finally, he stated in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” These two verses set the tone for all that we do as a community.


How do we do this?


Sharing God's Love – It is our desire to see each individual have a relationship with Jesus Christ. People can only see God through those who have relationship with Him. As we walk

with Jesus, we invite others to walk beside us and one day they will meet Jesus! 

Serving our Community – It is our belief that individuals who follow Christ with all their hearts and love their neighbor as themselves will build strong families and in turn, build a strong community. We desire to serve the City of Kennesaw and partner with schools, our city government, and local businesses to meet the needs of Kennesaw. By serving we earn the right to be heard so that we can share the Good News of eternal life through Jesus!

Strengthening Family – It is our desire to see families grow and strengthened. Every individual is a part of a family and it is our desire to make that family relationship as strong as possible. This is accomplished by connecting families with others in Life Groups, strengthening marriages through Dynamic Marriage, and providing family activities that foster communication and growth.


If you don’t have a church home we want to welcome you into ours!

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